About Journal

The Quarterly Journal of Economics and Management (CN 10-1867 / F; ISSN 2097-2202) has been officially launched, and the first issue was published in December 2022. Sponsored by China Machinery Industry Information Institute and Peking University, and published by the China Machine Press, the Quarterly Journal of Economics and Management (QJEM) is a national economics and management academic journal published for the whole country.

The advisory board of the QJEM is composed of internationally renowned experts in economics and management, chaired by Professor Li Yining. The editorial board of the QJEM brings together more than eighty distinguished scholars in the field of economics and management from the most prestigious universities and research institutions at home and abroad, with Professor Liu Qiao, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, as the editor-in-chief.

The QJEM is a comprehensive academic journal in the field of economics and management, focusing on the major subject areas, as well as the interaction with other disciplines.  Areas covered include accounting, organization and strategy, finance, marketing, economics, data science and artificial intelligence, information systems, public policy, etc. The QJEM strives to publish high-quality, original, and thought-leading scientific papers. Meanwhile, the Journal emphasizes the significance and relevance of research questions, while being open to various academic research methods and paradigms. We will frequently publish commentary articles on important policy issues, comprehensive reviews on important strands of economics or management literature, and case studies and conceptual papers with outstanding theoretical contributions.

We sincerely invite scholars in the field of economics and management at home and abroad to contribute and subscribe, and make joint efforts to build China's international voice in the field of economics and management.

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