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Editorial Statement

To better tell the story of China and to study the scientific issues of great significance to China's economy and management, we have officially launched the Quarterly Journal of Economics and Management (ISSN 2097-2202, CN 10-1867/F) with the approval of the National Press and Publication Administration. The first issue of the QJEM will be published in December 2022, which is now open to experts and scholars at home and abroad for submission.

The QJEM is founded on the principle of “understanding the world from a Chinese perspective, understanding China from a global perspective”. It is committed to researching frontier questions with a China focus and general scientific issues in economics and management with the prevailing academic paradigm and scientific methods. It emphasizes the exploration of real issues and conducting responsible research. The QJEM is dedicated to publishing the latest high-quality academic papers in the field of economics and management. We endeavor to establish one of the most representative academic journals domestically and internationally, and create a high-quality platform for the academic community of economics and management.

The QJEM is a comprehensive academic journal in the field of economics and management, focusing on the major subject areas, as well as the interaction with other disciplines. The areas covered include accounting, organization and strategy, finance, marketing, economics, data science and artificial intelligence, information systems, public policy, etc. The QJEM strives to publish high-quality, original, and thought-leading scientific papers. Meanwhile, the Journal emphasizes the significance and relevance of research questions, while being open to various academic research methods and paradigms. We will frequently publish commentary articles on important policy issues, comprehensive reviews on important strands of economics or management literature , and case studies and conceptual papers with outstanding theoretical contributions.

The QJEM is sponsored by the China Machinery Industry Information Institute and Peking University,, published by the China Machine Press. The advisory board is composed of internationally renowned experts in economics and management, chaired by Professor Li Yining. The editorial board of the QJEM brings together more than sixty distinguished scholars in the field of economics and management from the most premier universities and research institutions at home and abroad, with Professor Liu Qiao, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, as the editor-in-chief.

Editorial Policies

The QJEM is a quarterly journal, published in March, June, September and December. The Journal has a uniform publication schedule and does not publish manuscripts in the exact order of receipt. Manuscripts in both English and Chinese will be accepted. If the accepted manuscript is in English, it will be translated into Chinese by our professional staff for publication; the original English manuscript will be published simultaneously on the QJEM official website.

The submission of a paper to the QJEM for review means that the author certifies that the manuscript is not copyrighted, nor has it been accepted for publication (or published) by any peer-reviewed journal, nor is it being reviewed elsewhere. The QJEM requires that all of the authors of each accepted article sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement.

The QJEM conducts double-blinded reviews, meaning that both the authors and the reviewers are ‘blind’ to the identity of the other. Each manuscript will be submitted to at least two experts for review and selected on merit.

In principle, there is no payment for accepted manuscripts. After the manuscript is published, the journal will send 2 copies of the current issue to each author.

Submission Guidelines

The length of the manuscript should follow the international standard. The manuscripts should be based on "the study of academic issues and the analysis of important economic management problems".

Manuscripts should be submitted online at the QJEM Manuscripts site:

Authors must remove explicit indications of the authors’ names and institutions and all acknowledgments must be removed.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Liu Xinxin


Tel: 0086-10-62747698

We cordially invite experts and scholars at home and abroad to submit manuscripts. With the joint efforts of the academic community both in China and aboard, the QJEM aspires to become a platform that brings together important global and Chinese economic and management research by introducing new ideas to China's economic and management academic thoughts and facilitating the emergence of more world-class research and ideas in economics and management in China.


Editorial Department of QJEM

December 25, 2022

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